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Edison, His Life and Inventions


F. L. Dyer and T. C. Martin

Title Page

1. The Age Of Electricity

2. Edison's Pedigree

3. Boyhood At Port Huron, Michigan

4. The Young Telegraph Operator

5. Arduous Years In The Central West

6. Work And Invention In Boston

7. The Stock Ticker

8. Automatic, Duplex, And Quadruplex Telegraphy

9. The Telephone, Motograph, And Microphone

10. The Phonograph

11. The Invention Of The Incandescent Lamp

12. Memories Of Menlo Park

13. A World-Hunt For Filament Material

14. Inventing A Complete System Of Lighting

15. Introduction Of The Edison Electric Light

16. The First Edison Central Station

17. Other Early Stations--The Meter

18. The Electric Railway

19. Magnetic Ore Milling Work

20. Edison Portland Cement

21. Motion Pictures

22. The Development Of The Edison Storage Battery

23. Miscellaneous Inventions

24. Edison's Method In Inventing

25. The Laboratory At Orange And The Staff

26. Edison In Commerce And Manufacture

27. The Value Of Edison's Inventions To The World

28. The Black Flag

29. The Social Side Of Edison