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Understanding Angiogenesis


National Cancer Institute

Title Page

1. What Is Metastasis?

2. Metastasis Requires Angiogenesis

3. What Is Tumor Angiogenesis

4. Normal Angiogenesis in Children

5. Normal Angiogenesis in Adults

6. Angiogenesis and Vascular Endothelial Cells

7. Angiogenesis and Regulatory Proteins

8. Angiogenesis and Cancer

9. Without Angiogenesis, Tumor Growth Stops

10. With Angiogenesis, Tumor Growth Proceeds

11. What Prompts Angiogenesis?

12. Activators of Angiogenesis

13. The Angiogenesis Signaling Cascade

14. Endothelial Cell Activation

15. Inhibitors of Angiogenesis

16. Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Primary Tumors

17. Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Metastasis

18. Angiogenesis and Tumor Dormancy

19. Cancer in Angiogenesis-Deficient Mice

20. Angiogenesis Inhibitors in the Treatment of Human Cancer

21. Drugs That Inhibit Angiogenesis Directly

22. Old Drug With a New Use

23. Drugs That Block the Angiogenesis Signaling Cascade

24. Drugs That Block Extracellular Matrix Breakdown

25. Drugs with Other Mechanisms of Action

26. On to Clinical Trials