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The Historical Nights' Entertainment


Rafael Sabatini

Title Page

I. THE NIGHT OF HOLYROOD--The Murder of David Rizzio

II. THE NIGHT OF KIRK O' FIELD--The Murder of Darnley

III. THE NIGHT OF BETRAYAL--Antonio Perez and Philip II of Spain

IV. THE NIGHT OF CHARITY--The Case Of The Lady Alice Lisle

V. THE NIGHT OF MASSACRE--The Story Of The Saint Bartholomew

VI. THE NIGHT OF WITCHCRAFT--Louis XIV and Madame De Montespan

VII. THE NIGHT OF GEMS--The "Affairs" Of The Queen's Necklace

VIII, THE NIGHT OF TERROR--The Drownings At Nantes Under Carrier

IX. THE NIGHT OF NUPTIALS--Charles The Bold And Sapphira Danvelt

X. THE NIGHT OF STRANGLERS--Govanna Of Naples And Andreas Of Hungary

XI. THE NIGHT OF HATE--The Murder Of The Duke Of Gandia

XII. THE NIGHT OF ESCAPE--Casanova's Escape From The Piombi

XIII. THE NIGHT OF MASQUERADE--The Assassination Of Gustavus III Of Sweden