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6. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks (or "links" for short) are the basis of navigation from one Web page to another file (HTML document or other types of files). They are specified by the <a> tag with the href attribute setting the destination address (known as URL). A hyperlink can also point to a specific element (called "bookmark") inside the same or another Web page by adding "#bookmarkID" to the href attribute. Here "bookmarkID" is an id value assigned to the target element. Another useful attribute is target="_blank", which tells the browser to display the destination page in a new window.

In the following example, internet connection is required to visit the destination page.

Click here to access the bookmark (id="email") at the bottom of this page.

Click here to visit a page on the same website.

Click here to visit a page on the internet.

Click here to show the page in a new window.

Click here to reach a bookmark (id="Feature") inside the above page.