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D. C. Boulger

Title Page


1. The Early Ages

2. The First National Dynasty

3. A Long Period Of Disunion

4. The Sungs And The Kins

5. The Mongol Conquest Of China

6. Kublai And The Mongol Dynasty

7. The Ming Dynasty

8. The Decline Op The Mings

9. The Manchu Conquest Of China

10. The First Manchu Ruler

11. The Emperor Kanghi

12. A Short Reign And The Beginning Of A Long One

13. Keen Lung's Wars And Conquests

14. The Commencement Of European Intercourse

15. The Decline Of The Manchus

16. The Emperor Taoukwang

17. The First Foreign War

18. Taoukwang And His Successor

19. The Second Foreign War

20. The Taeping Rebellion

21. The Regency

22. The Reign Of Kwangsu

The War With Japan And Subsequent Events

The Future Of China