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The Tagalog Story of the Monkey and the Tortoise Illustrated by Jose Rizal

An English version of this story entitled "The foolish monkey and the wise turtle" is found in The First Year Book published by The World Book Company of New York and Manila.

The Novels of Jose Rizal Translated from Spanish into English


Charles Derbyshire

The Social Cancer (Noli me Tangere) Price 3.00 Pesos

The Reign of Greed (El Filibusterismo) Price 2.75 Pesos

"A complete picture of the Philippines under the old regime. Their appearance ... is noteworthy as a literary event and as an important fact in the history of the American people in their world relations."-American Review of Reviews.

"Here are two books that every American should read: not simply because a Malay novelist is a great curiosity, but because these romances contain a serious exposition of the conditions which prevailed in the Philippines before the American occupation."-New York Nation.

"The best, because the most far-reaching memorial to Rizal is the translations of his picturesque novels of Filipino life."-Current Opinion.


Philippine Education Company

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