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Understanding the Immune System


National Cancer Institute

Title Page

1. The Immune System

2. Markers of Self

3. Markers of Non-Self

4. Markers of Self: Major Histocompatibility Complex

5. Organs of the Immune System

6. Lymphatic System

7. Lymph Node

8. Cells of the Immune System

9. B Cells

10. Antibody

11. Immunoglobulins

12. Antibody Genes

13. T Cells

14. Cytokines

15. Killer Cells: Cytotoxic Ts and NKs

16. Phagocytes and Their Relatives

17. Phagocytes in the Body

18. Complement

19. Mounting an Immune Response

20. Antigen Receptors

21. Activation of B Cells to Make Antibody

22. Activation of T Cells: Helper

23. Activation of T Cells: Cytotoxic

24. Regulatory T Cells

25. Immunity: Active and Passive

26. Disorders of the Immune System: Allergy

27. Disorders of the Immune System: Autoimmune Disease

28. Disorders of the Immune System: Immune Complex Disease

29. Disorders of the Immune System: AIDS

30. Human Tissue Typing for Transplants

31. "Privileged" Immunity

32. Immunity and Cancer

33. Immunotherapy

34. Dendritic Cells That Attack Cancer

35. The Immune System and the Nervous System

36. Hybridoma Technology

37. Genetic Engineering

38. The SCID-hu Mouse